Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cost?
Access to our system costs $189 for a single event. Thats it. There is no more you will need to pay us. You will have some costs that you should allow for purchasing paper and bidder stickers, but those costs are not paid to us, nor are they going to cost you too much.

Why is your price so low?
This site was created after many years of running a full service Auction Closing and Checkout business. During our first ten years we encountered countless potential clients that simply could not afford the several thousand dollars our full service cost. Every time, we would feel some guilt for not being able to help a worthy cause with our services. So we created this site. We are not trying to get rich off of this site, we are just trying to provide an option for those smaller auctions that need some help, but cannot afford what is currently out there.

Can I demo the site?
Of course. We have set up a login and password for you to preview the site. We clean this site frequently, so if your data disappears it has been cleaned out by our admins. Simply click the login link on the top right of this page. Once on the login screen, the login name is and the password is demo. Feel free to look around.

What type of support does Auction Co-Chair offer?
We love charity auctions. We love to talk auctions. In order to keep our price as low as possible, we do not staff phone support. All support is handled through email and we respond as quickly as possible.
Please note that our system was developed after many years of working charity auctions. It is designed to handle all the major aspects of closing and checkout. If you have a special need for a certain type of bid sheet or help entering an unusual item, we will gladly do what we can.

Will you be available to provide assistance during our auction?
We try to respond to every request as quickly as possible. You are responsible for making sure your volunteers have looked over the system, read the user guide, and understand how to run a closing and checkout station prior to your event.

Do we have to use the stickers or is there another option?
We now offer three different types of bid sheets to accommodate everyones auction needs. The most popular (and most recommended) is the full bid sheet which has printed "place bid sticker here" and the dollar amount on the left side as well as the dollar amount of each bid on the right. If the bid stickers seem too much for you, you can print bid sheets with only the dollar amount on the right column. Each bidder would then write his or her bidder number on the left column next to the amount they wish to bid. Finally, if you want completely open bidding, we offer "blank" bid sheets with just the description information at the top of the page and both left and right columns are blank. The chance for mistakes and lower bidding is greatest with this method and we do not recommend it.

What are the system requirements to use Auction Co-Chair?
Each closing and checkout station will, at a minimum, need one computer with a broadband internet connection (not dial-up) and a printer. There is no need to network the computers together or do anything other than get each computer on the internet to access the Auction Co-Chair web site.

How do I get started?
Click on the link below. It will take you to a PayPal payment screen where you can purchase access to Auction Co-Chair. Once payment is received, our administrators will contact you to set up your auction and get you started.

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