Here is what some of our clients have said recently.

     "This site has saved our auction. We spent too many years running our checkout manually. People were starting to give up on our auction. They just didn't want to deal with the confusion and the long lines at checkout. After our first event with Auction Co-Chair, I had no less than a dozen people compliment me on how well everything went!. We will definitely be using Auction Co-Chair again!"
--Audra N. (Private School Auction)

     "We took a chance on Auction Co-Chair because of the price. We had plenty of volunteers, but not much experience. Auction Co-Chair was so simple to use. From entering items to checking out at the end of the night. It couldn't have been easier."
--Betsy F. (Public Elementary School Auction)

    "We are a small service league that has, among other events, an auction every year. We have always enjoyed the party part of the night, but everyone dreads working the auction part. With Auction Co-Chair, our volunteers actually enjoyed themselves that night. Several of them have even offered to work closing and checkout again next year as long as we stick with Auction Co-Chair."
--Deanna W. (Women's Service League)

    "Your software was a HUGE help to us. Thank you!"
--Jean C. (Church Auction)

    "I would add that another distinguishing "feature" is the outstanding value that you offer -having worked benefit auctions for a couple of decades now, I have not seen any solution offered that does such a great job for the kind of pricing you make available."
    "We could not have done this with any other system for the kind of value proposition that you provide -even before the crazy great customer service you personally have given us."
--Wayne W. (Preservation Club)

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