Who We Are

We are the online solution for running a simple charity auction.

We have been involved in closing and checkout of charity auctions since 2004. What we have found is that there is an abundance of worthless software out there that you can purchase for your charity auction. However, each one usually ends up causing trouble rather than making your event easier. We have developed a completely online solution which will make running your charity auction easier than ever. From tracking donations to printing receipts, and everything in between. It is all online. There is no need to network computers together. No need to travel to the one computer set up for data entry. Any computer with an internet connection will work.

Interested in giving our site a try?
Simply click the login link on the top right of this page. Once on the login screen, the login name is demo@auctioncochair.com and the password is demo. Feel free to look around.

Have additional questions?
Email Us and we be happy to answer all your questions about Auction Co-Chair!

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